Getting around Britain

Travelling around Britain

It's worth remembering that Britain is a relatively small country, so travelling to the many beautiful places is actually pretty easy. If you're planning on visiting different areas of the UK there are a number of ways you can reach your destination in style. 

Travel by train

If you're looking to visit any of Britain's major cities then travelling by train is a great option. Not only will you get from place to place swiftly, you'll also get to view some spectacular British sights as you're driven through. If you plan to do much travelling within Britain, invest in a rail pass. You can buy one before you arrive in the UK and a number of the schemes available cater to overseas visitors. If you're looking for an alternative option, coaches cover a wide number of UK destinations and are cheaper than trains. 

Hire a car

Car rental can be arranged at major airports, large train stations and city centre outlets. To get the best deals, do your research and book before you arrive in the UK. 

Travel by bike, narrowboat or horse

You may prefer more leisurely forms of transport such as bike, narrowboat or horse. Sometimes there are unusual picturesque local options, like the rowing-boat ferry between Southwold and Walberswick on the Blyth Estuary. Larger car ferries travel to Britain’s islands and there is always the option of flying by plane from far southerly to far northerly destinations.

Taxis are available at all main coach and train stations