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Join the World campaign site

VisitBritain and its constituent tourist boards cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the images shown on this page. Every effort has been made to ensure a true representation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are shown. We hereby disclaim any responsibility for error, omission or misrepresentation.

Images on this page are pulled in through the APIs of the respective social sites and have not been manually saved by Visit Britain. If you require further information or wish for an image to be removed please contact [email protected] with the subject line: Campaign Page Join The World’

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives the public a right of access to information held by public authorities. 

The “About” section on our website contains information about us as an organisation including our roles and responsibilities, organisational structure and our Board.

If the information you require is not available on our website, please email [email protected]

We do not sell travel products
Some parts of our website provides information on travel services. VisitBritain does not provide, own or control any of the travel services and products that you can access through our website, such as flights, accommodations, rental cars, packages, or travel insurance (the “Travel Products”). The Travel Products are owned, controlled or made available by third parties (the “Travel Providers”) either directly (e.g., airline) or as an agent (e.g., online travel agency). The Travel Providers are responsible for the Travel Products. The Travel Provider’s terms and privacy policies apply to your booking, so you must agree to and understand those terms. Furthermore, the terms of the actual travel provider (airline, hotel, tour operator, etc.) apply to your travel, so you must also agree to and understand those terms. Your interaction with any Travel Provider accessed through our website is at your own risk; VisitBritain does not bear any responsibility should anything go wrong with your booking or during your travel.
The display on our website of a Travel Product or Travel Provider does not—in any way—imply, suggest, or constitute a recommendation by VisitBritain of that Travel Product or Travel Provider, or any sponsorship or approval of VisitBritain by such Travel Provider, or any affiliation between such Travel Provider and VisitBritain.
VisitBritain hosts content, including prices, made available by or obtained from Travel Providers. VisitBritain is in no way responsible for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such content. Since VisitBritain has no control over the Travel Products and does not verify the content uploaded by the Travel Providers, it is not possible for us to guarantee the prices displayed on our website. Prices change constantly and additional charges (e.g., payment fees, services charges, checked-in luggage fees, local taxes and fees) may apply, so you should always check whether the price asked for a booking is the one you expected. Some Travel Products may also be sold in another currency than the one present or chosen by you for the display of the search results. Our currency conversion is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate or real-time; actual rates may vary, and your payment provider (e.g., your credit card company) may charge conversion fees and apply another date’s currency rate.
Booking through VisitBritain
If you make a booking through our website for Travel Products, that booking is made with the Travel Provider named on the booking page and our website only acts as a user interface. Accordingly, VisitBritain has no responsibility for the booking or the Travel Product because VisitBritain has no involvement in creating the description of the Travel Product, in defining the price and any fees, or in providing the Travel Products that you book. If you have any issues or disputes with your booking and/or the Travel Product, you agree to address and resolve these with the Travel Provider and not with us.