East of England

East of England

Visit the East of England to see some of Britain's most picturesque countryside, remarkable old villages, and miles of immaculate coastline. 


Imagine irresistible sandy beaches and simmering sunsets – the East of England has it all and is the perfect country retreat any time of the year.

Inland, the east is full of beautiful countryside. Have some adventure at the Norfolk Broads, the Brecks, Thetford Forest, and Constable Country.

Suffolk is teeming with charming countryside and curious old villages. Visit the medieval town of Lavenham to see its windy streets, colourful, crooked buildings… and a touch of Harry Potter because it was the filming location for Godric’s Hollow.

Norfolk shares Suffolk’s gorgeous coastline and has its own share of quirky villages to explore, too. It’s also regarded as the bird-watching capital of the UK due to its magnificent variety of bird life and beautiful nature reserves.

Take a boat trip to see Norfolk’s remarkable seal colony at Blakeney Point. It has both common and grey seals and is a great day out for the family.