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Accessible Britain

Making Britain as accessible as possible

The facilities on offer for visitors with special needs are steadily improving. Recently designed or newly renovated buildings and public spaces that provide lifts and ramps for wheelchair access are becoming more common. 

It is important that you make your needs very clear when booking any service or facility in the UK. Your impairment may not be obvious to other people, and its best not to assume that reservations staff will know your needs. 

Buses are also becoming increasingly accessible, and, if given advance notice, train, ferry or bus staff will happily help any disabled passengers. Ask a travel agent about the Disabled Persons Railcard, which entitles you to discounted rail fares.

As well as this many banks, theatres and museums now provide aids for the visually or hearing-impaired. Specialist tour operators, such as Tourism for All, cater for physically disabled visitors.

For more general information on facilities for disabled travellers, contact Disability Rights UK. This association also publishes two books that carry a wealth of information for disabled holiday-makers, which could be useful. To assist journey planning for your holiday, make sure you check-out this detailed guide and visit Open Britain